Jodi Roberts

Jodi Roberts had been missing since the beginning of the month. (RCMP)

Learning about homicide victims in Saskatchewan


The family of Jodi Roberts is wondering today how the mother of two came to die in the bush south of Sucker River.

The 24-year-old went missing from the community north of La Ronge earlier this month. Searchers found human remains early Wednesday morning.

'I was praying that wasn't her.' - Jerilee Roberts-Collins, Roberts sister

"She loved life, she was so outgoing, she was happy, she was all of the above," said Jerilee Roberts-Collins, Jodi's older sister. "Nothing made us think she wasn't going to be with us any longer."

The family held out hope that she'd turn up alive. That hope was extinguished when the RCMP and chief of the band came to their house on Wednesday.

"I was praying that wasn't her" Roberts-Collins said. "But deep inside, I knew it was my little sister."

RCMP not revealing much

Jodi Roberts was last seen Nov. 2 and reported missing four days later. RCMP said a number of ground searches, including searches by community members, have been conducted and their investigation has determined that Roberts' disappearance was suspicious.

Sucker River is part of the Lac La Ronge First Nation in Saskatchewan's north.

Roberts-Collins said RCMP aren't telling them much more than where they found the remains.

"There was a trail, there was an old road that, it was just off the old road, by the garbage dump there, just about a hundred feet into the bush," she said.

Her cause of death won't be known until after the autopsy is done.