James Longneck sentenced for Tie Kjaw manslaughter

A Saskatoon man is going to prison after pleading guilty to manslaughter in the 2010 stabbing of a Burmese immigrant.

Burmese immigrant fatally stabbed in Saskatoon in 2010

The judge called it "a cruel twist of fate."

40-year-old Tie Kjaw survived a brutal jungle war as a freedom fighter in Myanmar before moving to Canada. He died from multiple stab wounds on a 22nd Street sidewalk in March, 2010 after two men jumped him.

They wanted to steal a bottle of liquor he'd just bought.

"It was a senseless act on a public street, attacking a complete stranger over something as inconsequential as a bottle of alcohol," Judge Byron Wright said in provincial court.

 "It baffles the mind."

Wright accepted a joint submission from the prosecution and defense that recommended a six-and-a-half year prison sentence for James Longneck.

His co-accused, Bobby Joe Baptiste, was given a similar sentence last month.

Kjaw was stabbed six times in the side and back, two of the strikes hitting his heart.

Longneck said in court that, "I'd like to apologize for my actions, I regret it every day of my life."

Longneck and Baptiste were both drunk at the time of the attack.