Hundreds of people marched down 8th Street in Saskatoon Saturday night demanding the Canadian government take a different stance on the middle east crisis.

Members of the association say the rally is an expression of their dismay over the treatment of the people living in the crisis zone.

More than 1000 Palestinians have died since July 8 when Israel launched its offensive, which it says is in response to Hamas rockets being fired into Israel. 

Omaer Jamil, president of Saskatoon's chapter of the Islamic Association of Saskatchewan, said the issue hits close to home for some of his group's Palestinian members.

"We want to see the Canadian government stand up and really just say, 'this is not anybody's right... to literally just annihilate an entire group of people'," Jamil explained.

The group hopes the rally will draw attention to the suffering of people engaged in the conflict.

"Islam is against the killing of innocent people, of hurting innocent people anywhere at any time —plain and simple as that," Jamil said.

Roughly 300 people attended the rally on Saturday night. They started at 222 Copland Crescent and marched down 8th Street.

As of Sunday morning, Hamas had declared a 24-hour ceasefire in Gaza after rocket fire was exchanged earlier between the militant group and the Israeli army. While both sides briefly halted the violence Saturday, Israel had not yet confirmed if it will agree to Hamas' ceasefire.