A 22-year-old snowmobiler was injured by a tree branch in a remote area of northern Saskatchewan on Monday afternoon.

The injured man, who is from Wollaston Lake, was with three other adults and one youth. 

They were stranded at a cabin on a trap line. The cabin is on a small island one-mile north of Snowshoe Island on Wollaston Lake. 

The group boated to the trap line and had planned on staying for the next few weeks until the water froze enough to snowmobile back to Wollaston Lake.

A beach along the island’s shoreline was large enough to land a helicopter from Stony Rapids. However, the helicopter couldn't fly at night so it arrived the next day with medical assistance. 

The injured man was transported to Wollaston Lake to a waiting medevac. 

The rest of the group stayed at the cabin.