Some residents of the Saskatoon neighbourhood of Nutana are getting full points for opportunism, but the city's law on leaf disposal may have blown right past them.

Saskatoon's first fall street cleaning in more than two decades is underway in select neighbourhoods.

In Nutana, some homeowners used the opportunity yesterday to rake leaves from their front yards onto the street for the cleaners to collect.

The only flaw in that logic is that it's illegal. 

The city has a street use bylaw that prevents residents from depositing snow, leaves or other material from a sidewalk onto the road.

The extra leaves slowed down cleaning to the point that the city never got to the designated streets in City Park in the afternoon. It will come back at a later date to sweep the even-numbered avenues. Sweeping on odd-numbered avenues will go ahead as planned on Thursday.

The city reports that the cleaning program went relatively smoothly in Nutana. This, even though some residents had swept water-soaked leaves onto the street, while others had to track down their vehicles after they were towed to nearby locations to make way for the sweepers.

Anyone with a missing vehicle can call the Street Sweeping Hotline (306-975-7656) or use the Find My Vehicle! option on the city's website.

Today's sweeping will happen around the SIAST Kelsey Campus, as well as the area east of Lorne Avenue in Buena Vista.