Hunt on for art thief after painting stolen from Amigos

Original painting stolen off wall at Amigos Cantina after pre-Christmas art show.

'Teenage Mutant Neechie Turtles' stolen off wall after show

Joi Arcand and artist Kevin Wesaquate (CBC)

Organizers of an art show at a Saskatoon concert venue are hoping a light-fingered thief will return a painting stolen off the wall of the east-side club.

The painting is called 'Teenage Mutant Neechie Turtles' and had sold for $150 during the show at Amigos Cantina. But then — someone stole it.

"That was the only painting that ended up selling," said Joi Arcand with Kimiwan, the local magazine that hosted the show on December 20.

Painting stolen off wall at Amigos. (CBC)
"I was just disappointed that someone in our community would feel the need to steal from a struggling artist."

Shocked and disappointed

The artist, Kevin Wesaquate, was shocked.

"I guess it's gone, someone wanted it enough that they'd actually walk off with it," he said.

The painting features four cartoon character turtles, done up in native dress instead of the classic Ninja Turtle costumes from the iconic TV series.

Wesaquate is repainting the artwork, but would rather the thief return the stolen piece so that he could give the original to the buyer.