Humboldt's Lyndon Rush proud to represent Sask. in Sochi

Veteran Olympic bobsledder, Humboldt's Lyndon Rush, is waiting anxiously to hit the course and compete for a gold medal in Sochi.

Rush is competing in bobsled in the 2014 Winter Olympics

Humboldt's Lyndon Rush (right) is getting ready to flex his muscles in Sochi.

This isn't Lyndon Rush's first ride.

The veteran Olympic bobsledder from Humboldt, Sask. is waiting anxiously to hit the course and compete for a gold medal.

"(It's) kind of boring," Rush said, laughing in an interview from Sochi. "I kind of want to get to work. We actually start sliding tomorrow. This whole time we've sort of been waiting."

For Rush, resting before an event is an unwelcome part of the sport.

"I love trying to perfect my craft," he said. "I love going down the track. The track here is really neat. It's an awesome track. It's technical. I want to find the best way down it."

Rush will get his first chance to compete on Sunday when the two-man bobsled event starts at 10:15 a.m. CST. The two-man final run is on Monday, Feb. 17 at 10:05 a.m. CST. 

I take pride in the people, the communities we have in Saskatchewan- Lyndon Rush

He said it's been exciting to see Canadian athletes perform so well and Rush was particularly excited to see "a Saskatchewan kid" win the country's first medal.

That medal was the bronze that Regina's Mark McMorris won in the snowboard slopestyle event.

Rush said it's especially proud year to be an athlete from Humboldt.

Rush competes in the two-man bobsled on Sunday.

"This last year has been cool because my hometown, Humboldt, has three Olympians that are all from there — Brianne Theisen and William Dutton,” Rush said. "There's been so much attention put on these Olympians that are from Humboldt and it's humbling because you don't really think of yourself as anybody different, but Humboldt takes a lot of pride and I'm glad that they do."

Watching Saskatchewan athletes representing the province is always a highlight, Rush said.

"I take pride in the people, the communities we have in Saskatchewan and the kind of people we produce," he said. "When you see good people doing good things, it's extra special.”

"I'm glad that I'm from such a cool community that puts so much emphasis in community and I hope that I represent them well."

While Canada is not the favourite to win the two- or four-man bobsled, Rush said his goal isn't changing.

"I want to win," Rush said. "I think we have what it takes."

The four-man bobsled begins on Saturday, Feb. 22 at 10:30 a.m. CST. The final run is on Sunday, Feb. 23 at 5 a.m. CST.