water main break

Water main breaks like this one continue to plague Saskatoon. (David Shield, CBC)

Saskatoon resident Jan Niekamp is one of several people in the city living without water and no handy access to an alternate source, leading her to rely on melted snow to flush the toilet.

The most recent information from the city is that homes in 15 locations across Saskatoon are without water due to broken pipes. Only four of those locations are being served with water trailers.

Niekamp is on one of the streets without a water trailer. She has been drawing on her experience living in Bermuda where everything was done with collected rainwater.

In Saskatoon, in mid-March, Niekamp collects melted snow and filtres it through an old shirt to add to her toilet tank.

Similar situation in Regina:

In Regina, city officials said Monday that they are dealing with two times as many water leaks as is normal for this time of year.

Currently, around 30 homes in Regina have no water due to frozen water lines. Of those, 17 are frozen on the city’s side of the property.

The city is also aware of 56 "running leaks" throughout Regina. So far, those will only affect supplies when the water is turned off for a repair.

Being retired that's okay, I have the time, but a lot of people don't," she told CBC News Monday. Niekamp's area has been without water since Friday. City crews provided each affected home with three five-gallon bottles of drinking water, supposedly enough for three days.

Niekamp was hoping for fresh supplies, soon.

"We're supposed to get water tonight, around 6:30" she said.

She added she is concerned the bottles may be too heavy for some neighbours.

"There's a lot of lifting and straining," she said. "We have some seniors in the neighbourhood and I don't know how they're lifting these."