A Saskatchewan man says he and his family are worried for their safety following an attack in their driveway by people who followed them home after he honked his horn at them at a busy intersection.

Road rage incident saskatoon

A Saskatoon man says he was attacked in his driveway in an incident related to road rage. (CBC)

The incident, which had Rob Lorensen beaten and stabbed, happened about two weeks ago late in the afternoon in Saskatoon's Westview area.

It began at the intersection of 33rd Street and Avenue W. Lorensen was with his family — his wife and two children — on the way home.

Lorensen said he was behind a truck at the intersection where the light turned green. He gave a honk on his horn, to alert the other driver to the green light. They both moved on, after the other driver gave Lorensen the finger and Lorensen cursed at the driver.

Then, a few minutes later, Lorensen noticed the same truck had come around and was now following him.

'I was turtled up in the corner getting kicked and hit.' - Rob Lorensen

"I wasn't really concerned about being chased," Lorensen told CBC News Monday. "I didn't really think my life was in danger until we pulled into the driveway."

Lorensen said he confronted the people on his driveway with a video camera he had on his vehicle's dashboard. He said that is when the situation escalated.

"I had two kids right here, and I had three crazy men that were threatening me," he said. "There was no way they were getting to my kids. So, yeah, I threw myself at them."

rob lorensen saskatoon

Rob Lorensen says he was assaulted by a group of people who followed him to his home, after he honked at them. (CBC)

Video from the incident shows glimpses of what happened next, including images of people from the truck walking up Lorensen's driveway and attacking the man.

The scuffle moves out of camera range, but Lorensen's wife can be seen scrambling to get the couple's two children into the house.

Lorensen said he remembers being attacked.

"I looked behind me and the driver was jumping off the grass onto my back," he said. "And everyone else was coming from the truck. And then next thing I was turtled up in the corner getting kicked and hit, and I didn't even realize I was stabbed until the police came."

He said he suffered a broken toe and a deep gash in his arm.

"Whether it was a key or a screw, I got stabbed in the forearm that went about two or three inches deep," he said.

Police investigating

Lorensen told CBC News that he learned police officers did catch up to the people in the truck.

Police in Saskatoon say the incident remains under investigation.

Alyson Edwards, a spokeswoman for Saskatoon Police, told CBC News that they have dealt with a number of reports of violence following incidents of road rage.

"Certainly we've seen that in Saskatoon on more than one occasion," Edwards said. "And really it speaks I think to the level of aggression overall that has risen among our drivers."

Lorensen said he can understand aggressive driving, but believes he is the victim of a crime.

"I was assaulted," he said. "The guy was smashing my head into the concrete. Like, they were here to do nothing but to cause me great harm."

Lorensen added his young son has been traumatized by what he saw of the attack.

He said his family is anxious to sell their home and move out of Saskatoon.

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