The collapse of a deck at a home in St. Denis, Sask. on the weekend is raising a lot of questions. 

The hosts of the party said they had 25 guests on their back deck when it collapsed. It was roughly four metres off the ground when it fell apart. Sixteen people fell to the ground. Six had to be treated in hospital for concussions and open wounds.

Hugh Pineault, a private home inspector in Saskatoon, looks at how decks have been built.

"You never know when the weight is going to shift," Pineault said. "The deck has to be built in a certain way that it's really able to hold that amount of weight in a short period of time."

Bob Baran, building standards branch manager for the City of Saskatoon, said people should make sure they get a building permit whether they're building a deck themselves or hiring someone else to do it. 

He said plans or drawings need to be submitted for review to make sure they comply with the national building code.

"Then our inspector also when they go out to do inspections will look at the plan to see what things might have had to be changed," Baran said. 

There is no building bylaw in place in the RM of Grant where a deck collapsed on Friday.