Highway 11 opened after semi crash near Saskatoon

The semi was laying across the southbound lane of Highway 11 near Hanley, Sask. on Friday.

STARS, RCMP called to the scene, near Hanley, Sask.

A semi tipped across the southbound lane on Highway 11 near Hanley, Sask. (Karin Yeske)

Highway 11 near the town of Hanley, Sask. is open to traffic again, after a semi crash on Friday led to highway restrictions. 

For many hours wide load trucks were not able to pass, as RCMP worked to clear the area. The highway opened again Saturday morning. 

The semi had been lying across the road on its side, blocking traffic.  

STARS air ambulance and emergency vehicles were called to the crash. RCMP said there are injuries, but no details were available on the extent of those injuries. 

A STARS air ambulance has arrived on scene of an accident on Highway 11 near Hanley, Sask. (Karin Yeske)