Saskatoon's Cathedral of the Holy Family will soon be glowing at full power.

Due to faulty engineering, half of the the cathedral's innovative stained-glass solar windows broke and fell into the church last year. Specialists from Germany are in town to reinstall the windows that are equipped with tiny solar panels that glow without being connected to an outside power source.

"It's a tremendous relief that after 14 months with the broken windows and that all will be replaced," Bishop Donald Bolen said.

Repairs to the cathedral in the city's northeast cost about $180,000, but will be covered by insurance and the manufacturer of the windows.

"It's new technology, and we were trying to do something that was on the cutting edge of what was possible," Bolen said.


Workers are reinstalling the stained-glass solar windows that broke last year on the Cathedral of the Holy Family in Saskatoon.

The specialists installing the windows said the work should wrap up later this month.