People in Hepburn, just north of Saskatoon, are taking part in a referendum today on whether to allow alcohol to be sold in the community.

The town’s administrator said that the community is not officially dry, that there is no specific by-law that bans the sale of alcohol in the community.

But Hepburn was founded by Mennonites, who traditionally do not drink.

The town, however, has been changing over the last decade, and has experienced recent growth that may have pushed the population of the community past 600.

Now, there’s an application to sell liquor in the community, and residents are being asked for their views.

Today, they are voting in a referendum. The polls will close at 8 p.m. CST. But the results will not be released until Friday morning.

Hepburn is about 50 kilometers north of Saskatoon.


The question for people in Hepburn

"Should council of the town of Hepburn allow a liquor franchise in the town of Hepburn?"