A Saskatoon member of the Hells Angels will stand trial this fall on charges he threatened to kill the owner of a local mining company.

Jesse Bitz will be tried at Court of Queen's Bench by judge alone in October. Two days have been set aside for the trial.


Leonard Banga (CBC)

​Bitz is accused of eight counts of threatening to kill Leonard Banga, the owner of Xtreme Mining and Demolition. The pair had a dispute which led Banga to fire Bitz. That's when the alleged threats took place.

After firing Bitz, Banga went on to change his hiring guidelines. He then fired a handful of other Hells Angels on his workforce.

"This new hiring policy came into effect due to the matter currently before the courts, and industry expectations," Banga said outside court.

"Xtreme Mining and Demolition enacted a new hiring policy in the fall of 2013 to prevent individuals with a history of violence and/or involvement in organized crime from working in safety sensitive situations."

Three of the Hells Angels fired after the policy change are now threatening legal action.