When Saskatchewan's Hayley Wickenheiser hoists the Canadian flag today at the opening ceremony in Sochi, she'll likely be thinking about her family, her fans back home, and the privilege of representing Canada at the Winter Olympics.

What she won't be thinking about is the so-called flag bearer's curse. Some believe that carrying the flag at the opening ceremony brings on bad luck and a poor performance at the Games.


(File/Associated Press)

‚Äč"I don't really believe in the curse," the hockey legend from Shaunavon, Sask. told Saskatoon Morning's Leisha Grebinski. "For the most part, it's been more of a blessing than a curse, so I'm hoping that's the case for us this year."

There's no doubt that Canada has been blessed with strong women's hockey teams at the past few Olympics. If things go according to plan, in two weeks' time, the 35-year-old will find herself facing off against their main rivals, the United States, for a fourth-consecutive gold medal.