A video shown Friday in a packed Saskatoon courtroom shows a police interview of Douglas Hales, saying he made up the story when he told an undercover RCMP officer that he murdered Daleen Bosse.

The video was taken following Hales' arrest in 2008.

Hales was one of the last people to see Bosse the night she disappeared in 2004 and he's accused of her first degree murder. 

Audio recordings admitted as evidence earlier this week include Hales admitting to an undercover RCMP officer that he strangled Bosse and burned her body.

However, Hales tells a different story in the video shown in court Friday.

Hales says he lied to impress criminals

During this video, Hales tells a police officer he did not strangle Bosse, but instead that she passed out from drinking too much. He continues, saying he was in a "messed up" state and he burned her body in a wooded area north of Saskatoon.

The undercover RCMP officer whose interactions with Hales were played on tape was part of a sting operation. The officer worked for three months to make Hales believe he was being vetted and recruited into a crime ring.

When the officer in the video asked Hales why he told the undercover RCMP officer that he murdered Bosse, Hales said he made the story up to fit in with the mobsters.

"Yeah, I can do that, too," Hales said in the video.

'Yeah, I can do that, too,' - Douglas Hales, responding to police asking why he would make up a story about killing Bosse. 

As the filmed questioning continued, Hales began crying.

After that point in the video, defence lawyer Bob Hrycan requested the trial adjourn for the day. The judge said he'd prefer to continue, but obliged the defence's wishes.

The remainder of the police interview video of Hales runs approximately 90 minutes, according to the Crown, and the court will continue viewing the footage on Wednesday, May 21.

The Hales' trial resumes Tuesday, May 20 at 9:30 a.m. CST. The Crown is expected to call two more witnesses.