The Friends of the Forestry Farm House and the Saskatoon Heritage Society are teaming up to try and protect what they consider to be a valuable piece of prairie history.

'It just seems a little incongruous' - Claire Bullaro

The groups are worried about SaskTel’s plan to build a massive communications tower at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo across from the historic Superintendent's Residence. 

The area was once a forestry nursery station that produced millions of trees for prairie farmers, and is recognized as a national historic site for the role it played in settlement across the prairies.

Claire Bullaro with the Friends of the Forestry Farm House said a historic site is no place for a modern communications tower.

"It just seems a little incongruous to have this 45 metre tower right across the road from the most significant building that's out there."

The two groups are now asking Saskatoon City Council to demand that SaskTel pick another site. Their letters of protest will be presented at a committee meeting Wednesday.  

SaskTel already has approval for the tower

SaskTel said the tower will go ahead. It said the site was chosen because it was the best location for coverage and land negotiations, and that it has been approved by the city and the Meewasin Valley Authority.

The tower is expected to go up in the fall of 2014.