SCAT cat named Gordo

Gordo, is turns 1 this year. He is one of 5 rescued street cats up for adoption through SCAT at Saskatoon's Preston Crossing Pet Smart. (Courtesy SCAT Street Cat Rescue)

There are many organizations that help domestic animals in Saskatoon, but SCAT Street Cat Rescue is the only one that seeks to help the city's wild felines.

The non-profit operates under a trap, neuter and release method. They try to target areas of the city that have a feral cat problem and then humanely bring in the cat for some much needed care.

The best case scenario for SCAT is that they are able to socialize the feral cat or kitten and find a good adoptive family for the feline.

Linda Gubbe is the co-founder of the organization.

"Kittens and moms that come in, we socialize and find homes for them. So that takes a little bit of work socializing a feral cat," Gubbe said.

However, in situations where the street cat is not lurking in residential areas and is tolerated or even wanted by its human neighbours, SCAT will simply neuter them and let them go again. However, euthanasia is never part of the group's action plan.

Gubbe said the idea to start a larger program to help street cats specifically came to her in 1996, while she was working in Saskatoon's downtown at Canada Post. At the time, Gubbe along with a few of her colleagues were regularly feeding hungry, homeless cats that hung out underneath their building.

Now, almost two decades later, the biggest challenge for SCAT is finding money and volunteers.

"Feral cats have a tendency to avoid people so they are a little bit harder to help. There are lots of them out there still, as the city grows of course there is that need," Gubbe said.

SCAT is always looking for foster homes for homeless cats and kittens in Saskatoon and the cat rescue is currently holding 'Gorgeous Cat Week'. Until October 12, some beautiful, homeless felines are up for adoption at the city's Preston Crossing Pet Smart.