The fate of a Saskatoon high school's team name and logo is now in the hands of the Saskatoon Public School Board.

Bedford Road Redmen

The Bedford Road Collegiate Redmen icon was redesigned in May of 2013. (Bedford Road Collegiate)

A group is calling for the school board to eliminate the name Redmen at Bedford Road Collegiate. It's a debate that has been going on for a number of years, but Tuesday night was the first time the school board heard the proposal directly.

Ray Morrison, chair of the Saskatoon Public School Board, said Tuesday night making a decision won't be easy.

"Whether we keep the logo or if we do decide to make a change, if there is a change, we need to respect the history of Bedford," Morrison said. "So we have to deal with that issue, but I don't know what the answers are or what is looks like at this point."

'It's hard and it's emotionally draining on a lot of us' - Erica Lee, former Bedford Road student 

Morrison said it could be weeks or even months before a decision is made. The school board will now begin consultations with other groups in the community.

Whatever decision is made, it's one that could set a precedent in Saskatchewan. Regina's Balfour Collegiate also uses the name Redmen.

Erica Lee, a Bedford Road graduate, has been fighting to have the name changed for the past three years. 

"It's a great step forward that they let us speak and we've had a lot of positive comments from them," Lee said. "It's just disheartening to see that they still believe that more consultation is needed, that more dialogue is needed."

While the debate is long from over, Lee said she is more optimistic than ever that the name will be scrapped.

"It's amazing to hear all those people come up and speak in favour of (changing) it," Lee said. "It makes me realize that even though sometimes the work seems arduous and long that people's minds are changing."

"I think that in the United States especially, the debates over the [Washington] Redskins have brought this issue to mainstream attention," she said. "It's hard and it's emotionally draining on a lot of us that we have these discussions."