For the last year, playing on the PGA Tour, golfer Graham DeLaet has been known for his beard. Now, he hopes to be known for his beer.

DeLaet has lent his face to Prairie Baard, a new craft beer that was launched in the province this week.

"I'm a beer guy, so it's always been a passion of mine," said DeLaet. "I wanted to get into something outside of the golf space and just build my brand. I thought this was the perfect opportunity."

The beer's logo features a prominent beard that resembles a hop, which is a flower often used to flavour beer.  

graham delaet beer

Cans of Prairie Baard beer. (CBC News)

While DeLaet is excited about launching the product, he isn't sure about branching out into other beverages.

"I don't think anyone is going to buy wine from a kid from Weyburn, Saskatchewan," he said. "Beer is just natural. I'm a beer guy."

Prairie Baard is described as a golden ale, and is made from barley and wheat grown right here in Saskatchewan. The beer is brewed by Bomber Brewing in Vancouver.