There's been a new development in the story of a goat found wandering outside a Tim Hortons this weekend.

Goliath the goat appears to have been kidnapped.

The goat was found wandering into the Martensville, Sask. Tim Hortons Saturday night. Goliath was walking back and forth into the store using the shop's automatic front doors.

Eventually, RCMP took the animal into custody, and left it at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.

It appears the goat disappeared from the University of Saskatchewan Student Rodeo cabaret being held at a nearby country bar.

"We noticed during cleanup we only had two goats, not three," said student rodeo organizer Katie Dutchak.

It also appears Goliath had help in his disappearing act.

"Goats will chew through anything, but there was no chewed rope or collar," said Dutchak.

She's grateful the goat was returned safely.

"The goat is fine," said Dutchak. "It could have taken a very different turn if he would have been harmed in any way."

Dutchak said Goliath was missing his goat companions, Sparkles and Billy.

All three goats have been returned to their owners at Lakeland College in Vermillion, Alta.