George Allgood guilty of murdering Susan Reinhardt

There was a dramatic end to a Saskatoon murder trial at Court of Queen's Bench this morning.

Allgood charged after claiming responsibility in Mr. Big sting

George Allgood arrives at court in Saskatoon Monday morning. (Dan Zakreski/CBC)

There was a dramatic end to a Saskatoon murder trial at Court of Queen's Bench this morning.

Justice Grant Currie convicted George Mitchell Allgood, 49, of murdering his ex-girlfriend Susan Reinhardt in July, 2006.

I didn't do it. I didn't.- George Allgood

He was also found guilty of trying to kill her boyfriend, David Ristow. 

Justice Currie spent 50 minutes reading his verdict. At three separate points, Allgood interrupted the reading with loud objections.

"I was there at the time," said Allgood, when Currie dismissed his alibi.

And then later, "I didn't do it. I didn't do it." 

Reinhardt was killed in 2006 with a blast from a 12-gauge shotgun while she slept in her City Park home. The man sleeping next to her, David Ristow, was seriously injured.

Allgood described in detail to an undercover cop how he killed Reinhardt. The prosecution's case relied heavily on this admission.

Mr. Big

Allgood had been targeted by police in a so-called Mr. Big sting in 2010. Undercover officers posed as members of a criminal organization and convinced Allgood to share details about the Reinhardt murder — including his alleged role as her killer.

But the defense said he made it all up.

Allgood was, in fact, terrified of the gang members and invented his role because he feared for his life, his lawyer said. The details of the murder came from published news reports, not from his first-hand experience.

In reading his verdict, Justice Currie said that he simply didn't believe George Allgood.

"(He) is accustomed to lying when it suits his interest," Currie said.

Currie cited Allgood adopting the alias "Reno Trevor Hogg" when he returned to Canada, and his false characterization of his relationship with Susan Reinhardt, as just two examples of his lying.

Allgood will be back in court Friday for sentencing submissions.