You've heard of a kick-off. 

Today, those in Saskatoon looking to raise money for head and neck cancer held a shave-off.

Men, along with their friends and family, gathered at Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop to shave off any remaining chops, moustaches and beards grown over the holidays, marking the beginning of a month of renewed facial hair growth and fundraising.

"I've never had [it] this long before, but I love my beard and I feel it's something I can give up for this," said Michael Shaw, who was at the barber shop.

The point of the campaign is to grow facial hair and raise money in donations to support head and neck cancer.

"We will be trying to raise as much money as we can, and every person that comes into our lives will try to be on board for the cause," Shaw said.

On Jan. 30, participants will be reunited for a facial hair face-off, where they'll compare stylings, pool the money they raised for donations and announce the total amount raised. 

That event will be held at Village Guitar and Amp in Saskatoon.

Dr. Rick Jaggi, a Saskatoon-based plastic surgeon, was also at Saturday's shave-off. He said that head and neck cancer is "the sixth most common cancer worldwide."

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The month-long campaign aims to raise money for head and neck cancer. (Albert Couillard/Radio-Canada)