Friendship Inn feeds hundreds at annual Easter meal

Volunteers at the Friendship Inn serve Easter feast to the city's disadvantaged.

Saskatoon's Friendship Inn serves Easter feast to the city's disadvantaged

Volunteers serve Easter meal to city's disadvantaged. (Steve Pasqualotto/CBC)

Hundreds of people enjoyed an free Easter Monday lunch at the Friendship Inn.

Ken Campbell, the centre's kitchen manager and head chef, said about 30 volunteers helped prepare the meals.

"I've got a nice turkey, dill mash potatoes, sweet carrots, stuffing, cranberries, and gravy," Campbell said.

Campbell said he used about 60 turkeys, 400 pounds of potatoes, and 200 pounds of carrots in preparation for the meals.

Easter meal at Friendship Inn. (Steve Pasqualotto)
We just really wanted to help out- Donna Heppner

Donna Heppner volunteered to prepare some of the meals.

"We sliced buns and buttered them, so it's not hard work," Heppner said.

"But it's just fun to be together and help in this way. We just really wanted to help out."

Campbell said he prepared meals for between 1,500 to 2,000 low income people.

The Friendship Inn normally serves about 500 meals per day.