There were 56 turkeys, 225 pumpkin pies, and more than 1,000 smiles served up at the Saskatoon Friendship Inn today.

About 1,500 people were expected to get a hot meal this afternoon.

Lynda Brazeau, executive director at the Friendship Inn, said this holiday meal is more about community than charity.

"It's exciting," Brazeau said. "Because the weather is so amazing, the lineup literally goes right around the block. So we're pumped. It's really awesome."

About 45 volunteers, including Mayor Don Atchison, served up the meals.

"A holiday meal, I look at it as being in the community," Brazeau said. "It's like a fowl supper in small town Saskatchewan where everybody comes. So this large number for holidays is something we celebrate."

While Brazeau said serving up Thanksgiving dinner is a time to celebrate, she said more people are using the Friendship Inn every day.