Four injured when car crashes at water treatment plant

The city says contaminated water from a burst pipe was kept out of the river after a car crashed through a barricade and into a construction pit near the water treatment plant.

Contaminated water kept from river

The pit where the car landed. (CBC)

The City of Saskatoon says no contaminated water leaked into the river after a weekend car crash at the water treatment plant.

At around 9:30 p.m. CST Saturday the car, with four people, smashed through a barrier and cones and into a construction pit where workers had been doing maintenance on a pressurized pipe. The pit is on the Spadina Crescent side of the plant, closest to the river.

The people in the car were all right, but the pipe burst and began filling the pit.

City crews were able to keep the water in the pit.

The people in the car were taken to hospital with undetermined injuries. Police are still investigating, but they say speed and booze were both factors.