Icy plane

Some scary moments last night at the Saskatoon airport. (Submitted by Dominique Delisle.)

It's business as usual at the Saskatoon airport on Friday. 

An Air Canada Jazz Express commuter flight from Calgary slid into the snow Thursday night while taxiing to the gate. There were no injuries.

There were also some delays immediately after because one of the runways was closed.

This morning, there were flight delays to Chicago, Minneapolis and Puerta Vallarta, but they were not connected to the runway or plane.

Today, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada told CBC News that investigators are assessing all the information they've gathered in the wake of the incident. Slippery conditions may have caused problems, but the exact cause has not been confirmed.

Right now, officials say it doesn't look like a formal investigation will be necessary.

Stephen Mayberry, president and CEO of the Saskatoon Airport Authority, said Friday he's happy with how crews responded.

"We're very good at managing our surfaces," Mayberry said. "Our surfaces we manage by condition reports. We know that the surface at the time was safe and operational."

While winter conditions can create problems, Mayberry said passengers have nothing to worry about. 

"It is winter operations, but I mean we're talking about air carriers here and their primary is safety," Mayberry said. "I don't think there would be any concerns whatsoever that you would want to relay to passengers with respect to air travel."

The Transportation Safety Board said the plane was not damaged, and they've since returned it to Air Canada.