A new effort to get everyone involved in gym class is getting rave reviews from public school teachers in Saskatoon.

The Fit Kit helps teachers make sure that children are using proper technique when exercising, but it does so much more.

Cole Wilson, a consultant in Physical Education with Saskatoon’s public school division, developed the Fit Kit with help from the High Performance Centre at the University of Saskatchewan.

The larger goal, he said, is to engage all children, athletic or not.

"We have students coming to our schools with all different backgrounds," he said. "Kids who are elite athletes and kids who don't even play catch in their backyard."

Cole Wilson

Cole Wilson helped create the Fit Kit for Saskatoon public schools. (CBC)

Teachers are encouraged to use non-traditional equipment in gym class. For example, a ball of yarn might replace a baseball.  

Wilson said the idea is to take the intimidation and potential for injury out of gym class and replace it with fun. Many people, he said, have no idea how stressful a gym class can be for less athletic students.  

“I think we are making huge strides in making physical education a positive place for all of our students."

Wilson said levelling the playing field can help young students commit to a lifetime of healthy living.

The Fit Kit has been so well received, there's talk of sharing to with other schools in the province.