Some of the country's top First Nations and Metis fashion designers are in Saskatoon this week.

The city is hosting this year's National Aboriginal Fashion Week.

For two days, designers from across Canada and the United States will be showing off their designs.

While some of these designers are very well known, some local ones are just starting to find their feet.

Gordon's First Nation designer Becki Bitternose still sees herself as a 'stay at home mom who sews.' However, her fledgling business is taking off.

"It gets pretty busy at times," she said. "Sometimes I'm just flooded with orders, I have no time for anything."

Bitternose says her Pendleton style blankets are inspired by her everyday world.

"It started about two years ago," she said. "I saw a Pendleton jacket at a pow wow that I wanted, but I couldn't afford, and I figured if I could do it for myself, I would start making them."

The event gives designers a chance to show their collections to an international audience, and potential buyers as well.

National Aboriginal Fashion Week wraps up tonight.