A new company based in Ontario is pitching an idea that could raise cash for Saskatoon’s fire department.

'You would be looking between a quarter of a million dollars, to $400,000 ' - Chris Carrier

Fire Marque is selling its services to local governments across Canada and recently pitched its services to the fire department in Saskatoon.  

"There are funds that the fire department is entitled to receive when they respond to an incident at your home," Fire Marque’s Chris Carrier said. "We work to recover those funds for your local fire department."

That money comes from fire insurance policies and Fire Marque has experts who can go after that money.

Carrier believes the company can collect a substantial amount of money for the city.

"You would be looking at between a quarter of a million dollars to $400,000," he said.

At the same time, the company promises that individual insurance rates will not go up.  

A spokesperson at Saskatoon City Hall confirmed that the fire department is actively exploring the idea and a report is expected soon.

Fire Marque has already inked deals with Moose Jaw and North Battleford.