A father-son farming duo from Goodsoil, Sask., just became Saskatchewan's newest millionaires.

Dad James Hofer and son Curtis had the winning numbers for one of the five MaxMillion Lotto Max draws on Dec. 4.

Curtis discovered their win after stopping to check some tickets on his way to his off-farm job. The first three tickets yielded nothing

"The next one, I was just hoping for a free play or anything," Curtis said. "And I had a hard time believing it when it had all those zeroes. So, I had to check it a few times that's for sure."

Curtis said, with the money, he hopes to be able to help his dad more on the farm.

"I work for the winter and in the wintertime he's at home dealing with equipment and moving the grain and everything all on his own. So maybe now we'll be able to buy a bit of equipment," Curtis said.

James added they won't live like they are broke, but they won't be blowing their windfall either.

Goodsoil is located about 360 kilometres northwest of Saskatoon.