The number of fatal collisions in Saskatchewan is down according to RCMP, though drivers are reminded to stay safe, because crashes increase during the summer months.

"Right now, our fatality stats are down significantly as compared to this time last year, which is a good thing," said Sgt. Ryan Case, who is in charge of the Saskatchewan RCMP's collision reconstruction program.

'Speed kills and we try to preach that." — Troy Davies, MD Ambulance spokesperson

At the end of June of this year, 49 fatalities were recorded by the RCMP, including the three people killed in collisions last weekend. Last year, there were 74 fatalities by the end of June.

MD Ambulance spokesperson Tory Davies said they respond to more high speed crashes during the summer than any other season.

"Speed kills and we try to preach that." he said. "It doesn't pay to be in a hurry. As soon as you want to be in a hurry, or you're in a rush, you speed up even above the speed limit. That's when we start to see things happen."

Case said speed, impaired driving, distracted driving and intersection related crashes are the four major causes of fatalities on the road.

To stay safe, he said drivers need to pay attention to the road and be able to react quickly to changes in the weather, and highway and vehicle conditions.

Drivers need to take their time when travelling to a destination, Davies said, adding that people should expect travel times to take longer because roads are busier.

The numbers

For total fatalities (calendar year):  

2008 - 140

2009 - 134

2010 - 143

2011 - 128

2012 - 161

2013 (year to date - by end of June): 49  

Total fatalities by the end of June for each year:  

2008 - 61

2009 - 59

2010 - 54

2011 - 56

2012 - 74

2013 - 49

Source: RCMP