Fatal crash driver Cheyann Peeteetuce has history of stolen cars

The woman accused of driving a stolen pick-up truck and killing two Saskatoon teens Monday was on probation at the time of crash for two vehicle thefts in January.

Cheyann Chrystal Peeteetuce, 21, on probation at time of crash for two vehicle thefts in January

The scene of the crash. (CBC)

Court documents obtained by CBC show that the woman accused of driving a stolen pick-up truck that killed two teens Monday was on probation at the time of the crash -- for two vehicle thefts in January.

Police were already well aware of 21-year-old Cheyann Peeteetuce when they pulled her from the wreckage of the 1997 Chevy pick-up truck on Monday night.

A memorial at the crash scene. (CBC)
The truck rammed a car carrying 17-year-old J.P. Haughey and 17-year-old Sarah Wensley -- who were both killed. Another 16-year-old girl in the car is in hospital with serious injuries.

Police knew Peeteetuce from two auto thefts in Saskatoon -- from four months ago.

And, from a third theft last summer.

Court documents detail crime and punishment

Just four months ago, Peeteetuce was arrested and charged after she was caught in a stolen Lincoln MKX.

She was also charged with giving the arresting officer a fake name, breaching an undertaking to keep the peace and not to drink.

She was released after getting charged..

Then, just weeks later on January 20th, she was arrested in another stolen vehicle -- this time a Chevy Blazer. The Crown opposed bail, and she was sent to jail.

Three days later, she appeared before provincial court judge Barry Singer.

Peeteetuce pleaded guilty to being in the stolen Lincoln and the Chevy Blazer. She also pleaded guilty to being involved in the theft of a Nissan Versa in June, 2013.

Judge Singer gave Peeteetuce one year probation and released her with a host of conditions.

They included reporting to a probation officer; living at a designated residence; not contacting five other people; completing an addictions assessment; taking personal counselling; doing 50 hours of community service; and paying restitution to the owner of the Nissan. 

The fatal crash on Monday

Police say that just before 8 p.m. CST on Monday an officer spotted a green 1997 Chevy pick-up that had been reported stolen. The owner had left his keys in the truck.

Police followed the truck for a few blocks and then turned on the emergency lights. Chief Clive Weighill, speaking to reporters later, said he has watched the video from the police cruiser and that the driver of the stolen truck took off, accelerating north on Avenue M.

J.P. Haughey and Sarah Wensley (Submitted to CBC)
Eighteen seconds later, it smashed into the side of the Malibu carrying Haughey, Wensley and a third teen.

The force of the collision was such that it flipped the Malibu onto its side and then drove it across two lanes, over a lawn and then pinned it against the side of a chiropractic centre. 

Police say that Peeteetuce was behind the wheel of the stolen truck.

She is now facing 14 charges, including impaired driving causing death, possession of stolen property, criminal negligence causing death -- and breach of probation.

She is back in court on May 15th for a bail hearing.