A class of Grade 2 students in Saskatoon were present Wednesday for the unveiling of a statue of celebrated author Farley Mowat, following a request the writer made prior to his death, at 92, in May.

Mowat, who spent many years of his youth in Saskatoon, made the request in a letter to Lakeview School teacher Christie Foley, who had sent Mowat some letters her students wrote after reading his Owls in the Family.

"Although I had been asked to be present for its [the statue's] unveiling, that probably won't be possible for me," Mowat's letter said. "Maybe some of your students could take my place?"

Foley, and her students, were delighted to take part and the statue was unveiled Tuesday in a ceremony on the grounds of the University of Saskatchewan.

Claire Mowat, the author's widow, was on hand and said including the youngsters was appropriate.

"He always loved to hear from children who read something of his and loved it well enough to write," she said.

With files from CBC's Kathy Fitzpatrick