Family's home floods a second time after water main breaks

For the second time in the past 13 months the Fylymas are dealing with a flooded basement. In both cases, the Fylymas say the flooding occured when their street's central water main burst.

For the second time in the past 13 months the Fylymas are dealing with a flooded basement

The city of Saskatoon says a backlog of water main breaks is slowly growing as the breaks continue to occur at a high rate. As of Monday morning, Saskatoon had sustained 129 water main breaks this year. 

Tim Fylyma is dealing with his own backlog. His family has been without water for the past six days and, for the second time in the past 13 months, it is dealing with a flooded basement.

Both times, Fylyma said, the street's central water main burst at the same time flooding occurred in his home.

"It's not pleasant. And dealing with the insurance and replenishing everything in our house is a full time job," Fylyma said. "We're not finished our first claim and now we've had everything hauled out of our house again."

The Fylyma home sits directly across from a large water main break on McKinnon Avenue South. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC News)

Fylyma told CBC News that after his basement flooded in February of 2013, he asked the city to do a more comprehensive review of the situation. He said he never got any answers from officials.

Now, Fylyma wants answers and a solution to the problem so his basement doesn't flood for a third time.

"The main line in our street is exploding and it's following underneath our pipes and it's blowing holes in our floor," Fylyma said. "I spoke to the city again and they are just going to put a patch on the line, and now we have to replace all of this stuff again."

Tim Fylyma poses next to his family's belongings, piled high in the garage. Their things have been there since the home first flooded in 2013. (Madeline Kotzer/CBC News)

The City of Saskatoon was not available for comment when CBC News contacted it on Saturday.

However, in a recent public service announcement, the city cautioned people to take safety precautions if they'd experienced water main breaks before.

"Residents in areas where water main breaks have occurred in the past few years, including neighbourhoods adjacent to current water main breaks, are encouraged to be prepared by having extra drinking water stored as a precaution," the City of Saskatoon said recently on its website