Expert at David Woods murder trial says tape matches

The murder trial of David Woods has lost another juror.

Suggests tape on body came from roll in Woods' garage

An expert in matching materials is testifying at the David Woods murder trial today in Saskatoon.  

David Woods outside the courthouse on Monday. (Albert Couillard/CBC)
Robin Abel examined green electrical tape found around Dorothy Woods' body. He also looked at a roll of tape that was found in David Woods garage. 

He says the torn ends of both tape exhibits are a match, and "were at one time a single piece."

The trial was briefly delayed this morning because a juror asked to leave for personal reasons. There was an alternate juror, so the case continues with a full contingent of 12.

It's the second time a juror has dropped out.

Woods is charged with killing his wife Dorothy in 2011. Her body was found wrapped in plastic and placed in a culvert south of Saskatoon.

CBC reporters Kathy Fitzpatrick and David Shield are tweeting from the courthouse.