An expert in matching materials is testifying at the David Woods murder trial today in Saskatoon.  

David Woods trial

David Woods outside the courthouse on Monday. (Albert Couillard/CBC)

Robin Abel examined green electrical tape found around Dorothy Woods' body. He also looked at a roll of tape that was found in David Woods garage. 

He says the torn ends of both tape exhibits are a match, and "were at one time a single piece."

The trial was briefly delayed this morning because a juror asked to leave for personal reasons. There was an alternate juror, so the case continues with a full contingent of 12.

It's the second time a juror has dropped out.

Woods is charged with killing his wife Dorothy in 2011. Her body was found wrapped in plastic and placed in a culvert south of Saskatoon.

CBC reporters Kathy Fitzpatrick and David Shield are tweeting from the courthouse.