Whether you're preparing breakfast, driving to work or on the bus, you can listen to Saskatoon Morning and participate in the live chat. Here's how to access Saskatoon Morning on your mobile device.

Android, later BlackBerry or iPhone 

Bookmark: http://cbc.sh/EiE4QEk and set your region to Saskatoon. There you can live stream the audio and participate in the live chat.

iPhone or iPad 

If you'd like to only live stream the audio, download the CBC Radio app (this means you can also use the auxiliary port in your car and stream it while you're on the go). If you'd like to read stories, download the CBC News app

BlackBerry 10 

Download the CBC News app, and select Saskatoon as your region. You'll be able to live stream audio and participate in the live chat.

Any mobile device 

If you go to CBC.ca/Saskatoon from any mobile device, it will prompt you to go to the mobile version, then select My Region, choose Saskatoon. It will bring you to the mobile-optimized page.