Prosecutors are connecting the dots today in a murder case that dates back to 1992.

Enock Quewezance, 39, is charged with second degree murder in the death of Ernest Taypotat, 26. He was fatally stabbed in August, 1992.

He was found on the street in the 400 block of Avenue T South.

Cold case

At the time of the death, a Saskatoon man was charged. However, DNA evidence led to prosecutors to abandon the charge in 1993.

The case remained with police, who said that a review of the evidence took them to a new suspect.

That suspect was Quewezance. At the time he was charged, he was already in prison on an unrelated matter.

The authorities have never said how they linked the accused to the victim. But court heard this morning that police officers at the crime scene recovered human hair clutched in Taypotat's hand, and another strand across the bridge of his nose.

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