Saskatoon's busy construction season has the city warning people to drive safe.

Overnight construction throughout the city is one reason for the advisory. 

While the city and Saskatoon Police say they have noticed better speed compliance in marked work zones, some construction workers have complained about unsafe driving.

Angela Gardiner, director of transportation for the City of Saskatoon, says speeding isn't the only concern.

"We are continuing to see concerns with vehicles proceeding into works zones," Gardiner said Thursday. "So in areas where we have a road closed there are vehicles still bypassing those signs and going into the work zones."

Drivers must also slow to 60 kilometres per hour when passing any road worker, flag person or construction vehicle.

"Most of the speeding that we are seeing continues to be on our higher speed roadways," she said. "So on the freeways and express ways. Starting tomorrow there is going to be some repairs being done to some guard rail on Idylwyld Drive, so that's a perfect example."

If you're caught speeding in a construction zone, fines start at $210.