Douglas Hales testifies in Daleen Bosse murder trial

Douglas Hales says that he was with Daleen Bosse the night that the Saskatoon mother died, but that he didn't murder her.

Says he was with her when she died, but didn't kill her

In the box. (CBC)

Accused killer Douglas Hales took the stand in his own defence Monday.

The 36-year-old is charged with killing Daleen Bosse in 2004 and then hiding her body in a secluded country spot north of Saskatoon.

He was charged with killing the Saskatoon mother after he led undercover police officers to her body four years after she disappeared. She had last been seen leaving a downtown nightclub with Hales.

In the box

Hales spent his first hour on the stand describing his high school and post-high-school years. He says that he was bullied because of his weight and his thick glasses. After graduating, he went through a series of jobs that rarely lasted more than six months. He either quit, or was fired. 

At the same time, he began regularly abusing booze and drugs.

We were getting along great.- Douglas Hales

Hales then described meeting Bosse.

It was just before the May long weekend in 2004 and he was working as a bouncer at Jax nightclub when Bosse introduced herself to him.

Booze cruising

Hales said that Bosse tried twice to initiate sexual encounters while he was working, and that she was growing more intoxicated as the night went on.

At one point, she was kicked out of the bar.

Hales met up with her after he finished work. He drove in her car to pick up liquor, and then they eventually ended up in the countryside north of Saskatoon.

"We were getting along great," he said.

They tried unsuccessfully to have sex. He fell asleep -- and then, later, realized she'd stopped breathing.

He panicked and then burned and buried her body.

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