Douglas Hales murder trial moves into final stages

The Douglas Hales murder trial is moving into its final stages with the defence calling witnesses.

Accused of killing Daleen Bosse in 2004

The defence is now making its case for the innocence of Douglas Hales.

Hales is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Daleen Bosse. The Saskatoon mother and student went missing on the May long weekend in 2004, with her body staying hidden until the summer of 2008 when Hales led undercover RCMP officers to a secluded party spot north of Martensville.

Bosse had been burned and buried.

The Crown has spent the past two weeks laying out how undercover officers first gained Hales's confidence and then had him lead them to Bosse's body.

The defence has two witnesses scheduled. Lawyer Bob Hrycan is not saying whether Hales will take the stand to testify.

This morning, toxicologist Wayne Jeffery discussed blood alcohol levels and to what degree mixing booze and prescription pills could cause impairment.

On Tuesday, a psychologist is scheduled.

Hales is being tried in front of a judge alone.