Douglas Hales' defense questions RCMP's undercover operation

Court heard an audio recording of Douglas Hales leading undercover officers to the spot where he allegedly buried Daleen Bosse's body.

Court hears chilling audio of Hales taking officers to bush site where Bosse burned and buried

The defense at Douglas Hales' first degree murder trial is questioning the RCMP's undercover setup.

Six years ago, Hales thought he was being recruited into working for a criminal organization. Instead he was the prime suspect of a murder investigation into the death of Daleen Bosse. Hales' defense lawyer noted he was unemployed and eager to make money to support his infant son.

After three months Hales led undercover officers to Daleen Bosse's body on the outskirts of Saskatoon.

Tough day for Bosse family

Hales took undercover officers to a secluded rural spot north of Saskatoon where he says that he choked, burned and buried Bosse in 2004.

The journey is captured on an audio tape played yesterday in court at his first-degree murder trial.

Officers returned to the scene later and recovered Bosse's body.

Friends and family of Daleen Bosse broke down and wept openly in court yesterday as Hales described the young mother's last moments.

Hales took two undercover RCMP officers to a party spot near Martensville where he tried to have sex with Bosse. But it didn't work out.

"All the anger, all the ways people effed around with me," he's heard saying on the tape.

"It was all bottled up inside ... I figured I would sacrifice her."

Hales is then heard telling the officers he burned Bosse's body. Then he returned a few months later. and could not locate her remains.

His first-degree murder trial continues all week.

CBC's Jennifer Quesnel is covering the story. Follow her tweets live from the courtroom.