Doug Hales on trial in Daleen Bosse murder

The first-degree murder trial of Douglas Hales begins today.

Saskatoon woman disappeared on May long weekend in 2004

Douglas Hales arrives at court in Saskatoon on May 5. (Albert Couillard/CBC)
The trial of a man charged with a 2004 murder in Saskatoon begins this morning.

Douglas Hales is charged with killing Daleen Kay Bosse a decade ago. Bosse, who was married with a young daughter, went missing on the May long weekend.

Daleen Bosse went missing in 2004. (CBC)
She was last seen at a Saskatoon nightclub.

Bosse's family had a hard time getting the authorities to take her disappearance seriously.

They eventually hired a private investigator to look for her. Her mother, Pauline Muskego, organized an annual walk from her Onion Lake home to Saskatoon to draw attention to the case.

The family also spoke to police, politicians and media to keep her disappearance in the public eye.

A suspect from the start

Police found Bosse's remains in a landfill area north of Saskatoon in August, 2008.

Shortly after that discovery, they charged Douglas Hales with first-degree murder and interfering with a dead body. Shortly after his arrest, Chief Clive Weighill said investigators were aware of Hales since Bosse first went missing.

"He was one of the last people that was known to have been with Ms. Bosse before her disappearance," he said.

Hales worked as a doorman at the club where Bosse was last seen.

He'll be tried at Court of Queen's Bench by judge alone.