Something old is coming down today at Royal University Hospital to make way for something new.

The Cameco Skywalk, linking RUH with its parkade, is being demolished to make room for the Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan. 

It will take demolition crews 12 hours to tear down the 36-year-old structure. The demolition phase of the project will cost about $5 million. 

Craig Ayers, project director of the Children's Hospital of Saskatchewan, said they're hitting their target of finishing site preparation work by the end of August. 

"It's a very important stage and signals the project turning from site preparation to active construction," he said. 

"We're on target to do that and we're excited about the next phase which is the really exciting part--when you start to see the building come out of the ground."

Work on the final designs of the children's hospital continues. Construction is scheduled to begin in early 2015.