The pride of the Weyburn Golf Club left a trail of dropped jaws at a Saskatoon course this morning.

Graham DeLaet came to town for a Golf Saskatchewan event.

DeLaet, grinning and joking, explained some of his techniques and strategies at the Willows Golf Course.

"This is a game, it's a job for some of us but, really deep down, we love playing and that's why we do it. We want to be in the mix all the time," he said.

DeLaet says he's more of a "feel" golfer than "mechanical." He plans out where he wants a shot to go, sets his feet and then lets his muscle memory take the shot home. 

Onlookers gasped when he used his driver to send shots  completely out of the driving range at the Willows.

The Weyburn pro is lighting up the PGA tour this year. Next week, he'll be overseas at the prestigious British Open. He's the first Saskatchewan golfer to ever compete in the Open.