A Saskatoon jury is hearing the sordid details of a deteriorating marriage today.

 Dorothy Woods

Poster for Dorothy Woods (CBC)

The relationship between David and Dorothy Woods was on the rocks by the November 11, 2011 weekend when she went missing from the couple's east-Saskatoon home.

The Crown and defense are both alleging infidelities by each partner.

A fateful trip to Vegas

Lawrence Carter, Dorothy's brother, says she told him after returning from a trip to Las Vegas that she was now attracted to black men.

Sandra Lukowich, a close friend who met with her the day she went missing, said that David had kicked her out of their home — taking the house keys, credit cards and her matching set of bra and panties. Dorothy shared a series of texts purportedly from David that accused her of sleeping around with black men and describing her as a "slut."

David is accused of killing Dorothy. 

The defense said in court today that the couple was in an open relationship. The defense also alleges that Dorothy's daughter missed school to run the daycare she operated because her mother was too drunk from partying.

Cause of death

In court yesterday, Prosecutor Michael Segu said that the Crown will show that tape and other things found on Dorothy's body were the same bought by her husband.


Defense lawyer Michael Nolin (CBC)

The jury also heard how Dorothy died of ligature strangulation, with blunt force trauma as a contributing factor. Her body was discovered by police in a culvert near Blackstrap Lake, south of Saskatoon, two months later. David was charged shortly after.

A police witness testified that David showed "little to no anxiety at all" in the days following his wife's disappearance.

David is being tried by a jury of seven women and five men.

'I'm very cognizant of how the prosecution seems to be playing on the fears of your average, ordinary citizen.' - Defense lawyer Michael Nolin

Outside court, defense lawyer Michael Nolin took issue with how the texts presented to the jury portray David Woods as a racist.

"I'm very disappointed that this is the line that the prosecution has chosen to draw in the sand," he said.

"I find it interesting that the only prosecutor of colour in the Saskatoon provincial prosecution office has been drawn to try this case. And he's been on it from the beginning."

The trial continues.

CBC reporters Dan Zakreski and Peter Mills tweeted live from the courtroom.