James Gordon

Ice maker James Gordon sprinkles water droplets on the ice to make a pebbled surface. (Kathy Fitzpatrick/CBC)

The man in charge of making Dalmeny's curling ice is bound for Russia next month. James Gordon will be making ice at the Sochi Olympics.

He applied on-line to volunteer. And after passing the interviews and tests -- got accepted.

"It really hasn't hit home yet.  I think it probably won't until I'm actually on that plane, how big this trip actually is," Gordon said.

Although young -- just 23 -- Gordon already has plenty of experience, having made ice at the Dalmeny Curling Club since he was 14.

Now he's looking forward to picking up more tricks of the trade in Russia.

 "With me curling is my passion.  And I love making ice, I love playing as well.  And so to go there to make ice for this big event is a great pleasure to do," he said.

Gordon will get to see the games because he has to be on hand from start to finish to keep the ice in good shape. 

It's a great opportunity, and also a good deal. He'll have to pay his own airfare, but lodging and food will be provided.

He leaves for Russia on January 22.