Crown wrapping up case in David Woods murder trial

Crown prosecutors could wrap up their case against David Woods as early as Monday morning.

Woods charged with First-Degree murder in death of wife, Dorothy

Crown prosecutors could wrap up their case against David Woods as early as Monday morning.

Woods is charged with killing his wife Dorothy in 2011.

Dorothy's body was found wrapped in plastic and placed in a culvert south of Saskatoon.

On Thursday a surprise piece of information was released in a revised statement of facts by both crown and defence attorneys.

David Woods is now admitting he drove past the area where his wife was found.

Police say they located Dorothy's body by tracking the movement of David Woods' vehicle with a GPS locator.

Taking the stand yesterday, retired police Sgt. Robin Cleveland testified that investigators did not find blood in either of Woods' vehicles.

Sgt. Cleveland also testified that rope found on Dorothy Woods' body seemed to be the same type of rope as what was used to tie down a pool cover in David Woods' backyard.

As well, Patrice Ngouandi told the court that he had sex with Dorothy two days before she went missing. Jurors have heard earlier in the trial that the marriage was disintegrating, with infidelities committed by both partners.

The trial continues today.