A wave of coyote sightings recently is prompting a warning from the City of Saskatoon -- stay away from the wiley predators.

According to Parks Pest Management, multiple sightings of the wild dogs have been seen across the city.

While there have been no physical encounters with the animals, people are being asked to keep their distance if they cross paths.

Here are some tips from the city on what to do if you run into a coyote:

  • Never approach the animal
  • Look for a way out
  • Be observant of the coyote's movement
  • Make some noise
  • Ensure the animal has an escape route

The city also asks people to never feed coyotes, seal off access to decks and other sheltered spaces and feed pets inside.

Pest management believes rapid expansion of the city has resulted in more coyote sightings.

Coyotes normally travel along rail lines or river trails.